Cultural & Digital Diplomacy

19 10 2011

By: Mosi Dorbayani, PhD

Once the main objective of culture was to create arts & literature and assist the promotion of such productions through exhibitions and performances, but it no longer serves as the prime-serving goal for culture.

Culture is having a diplomatic role in global governance and in this respect “Cultural Diplomacy” is increasingly playing an important role in promoting liberal and democratic values. It fosters dialogue and democratic participations. It facilitates human development, expansion of education, human rights, freedom of thought and expression. It also assists recognition and understanding of value oriented causes and missions.
The importance of Cultural Diplomacy is mentioned in the Lisbon Treaty and the UNESCO convention: ‘culture should be mainstreamed and be an element of every programme from students and teachers to journalists and artists exchange’.

With the new crucial role blogs and social networking sites are playing, the EU parliament is now emphasizing on new strategies to utilize digital mediums to further cultural diplomacy.

Interactions over the Internet could break censorship and taboos, help foster dialogue and engage people in democracy, and all these are part of culture.

In my view “Digital Diplomacy” is on its way to enhance perceiving and prevailing Cultural Diplomacy.



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