25 06 2010

By: Marjan A. Dorbayani, PhD

“No nation in the history of the world has ever survived the ravages of success. All great nations rise and fall, and we’d better understand why….’
Richard D. Lamm, Former Governor of Colorado.

By reading Mothers, Leadership and Success we can find studied reasons to the fall of civilizations, empires and great nations. Issues that perhaps all of us are familiar with throughout our history.

Guy R Odom’s book is a brilliant and creative interdisciplinary synthesis that in the process of explaining why “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world”, provides answers to contemporary questions about human behaviour and sheds new light on historical events.

Guy R Odom offers a code-breaking solution to questions about origins of achievement and success, and proposes a key to explain intelligence. He brings evidence of the role of women in child rearing practices as the source of both high achievement and superior intelligence.

A truth which according to the book has been largely overlooked; patriarchal societies, especially, are blind to it. The book is suggesting that mothers and their level of dominance will determine the ‘intelligence’ of their children and consequently the society.

No wonder for a society like Iran where women are considered second-class citizens devoid of equal rights and opportunities we may only predict danger of another historical failure.

Perhaps if we knew of the important role women play in every society and studied it more like Guy R Odom did, we would certainly think twice on the issue of equal rights for women.

Men and Women complete each other, and nothing but Equal Rights for both would guarantee a balanced society and a promising future for all nations.

We shall only remain hopeful that one day the male dominated societies will value the importance of unity between genders and start taking an active role in changing their attitudes towards women.

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