Refugees Psycho-Social Needs

6 06 2011

By: Mosi Dorbayani, PhD

On the basis of the latest statistics of UNHCR Global Trend, there were about 42 million forcibly displaced people around the world at the end of 2008. This figure shows 15.2 million refugees, 827,000 asylum-seekers with pending cases and 26 million internally displace individuals.

Due to the forced nature of the refugees situation, their migration is often a traumatic experience. They are often in specific needs in order to support their integration.

They are often the most vulnerable group in society while they could be resilient as well; therefore, it is essential to recognise their needs and assist them during their integration process.

Such groups and individuals who go through conflict and war often require emotional understanding, security and safety and a warm sense of belonging.

Here is where the trained professionals working with refugees are expected not only to have extensive knowledge on Human Rights,Trauma and Torture issues but also have a good command of ‘Cross-cultural mediation’, ‘Mental health’ and ‘Psychosocial dynamics’.

To address the refugees Psychosocial needs here we support and share the following free training materials developed by IHAD- Turkey; iMiR – Germany; CEIPES – Italy and Respect Refugees Europe – Spain.

Training Material for Psycho-Social Needs of Refugees



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