Peace & Tolerance

“Peace is when the world forgives, forgets and smiles;
Peace is when all nations stand together as one.”

Rosie and Rohaana Kilvington Junior School
Victoria, Australia

“While conflict, violence, and war have been much studied and analyzed, little similar effort has been devoted to peace. Undeniably, peace is sometimes the object or subject of a work, as in studying the management of conflict, termination of war, or the tools for peacemaking or peacekeeping. And there have been some efforts to directly study or analyze the meaning of peace.” R.J Rumeel

However peace still requires further academic endeavours worldwide, fact of the matter is, peace as a ‘reality’, requires to be looked at beyond its literal concept, it needs to be established as a strategic project with careful action plans and execution of every step with a diplomatic attitude and shared vision.

It requires:

– Accepting responsibility;
– Active listening;
– Brainstorming possibilities and ideas;
– Live by results, and above all…
– Vision for change to name a few.

For further information and peace progress worldwide consult: IPB

WAALM & WAALM – School of Cultural Diplomacy stand for peace and cultural diplomacy:

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