1 07 2010

By: Marjan A. Dorbayani, PhD

Having inherited the foundation of Human Rights 2500 years ago from a just Emperor, Cyrus the Great, we are responsible to work on developing human souls to eradicate crime; whereas, shamefully enough, we are witnessing the fact that today all the basic human rights are simply being violated in the very land of the founder of them! Inviting viewers and encouraging them to throw a stone at a defenseless half buried body is only an encouragement to potential inclination to crime.

The very person who throws the stone out of rage can simply be considered a murderer. The executioners of this barbaric act are not only involving people in an outrageous crime of stoning another human being, but also risk getting into a more violent consequences. A healthy education provided to all would reduce crimes from happening in the first place. Stoning is indeed a failure in our spiritual education. We definitely need to improve the level of education and human awareness to develop better souls for the future, if we really believe in having one for Iran and eventually for the world.

The world is watching, so, as children of Cyrus, a just and tolerant Emperor, we are responsible to portrait a true picture of the Persian tolerance. Every generation is responsible to learn from the mistakes of the last and evolve to higher spiritual levels of humanity, and for sure repeating the primitive way of dealing with crimes is stepping backward rather than forward. Various human rights organizations, human rights lawyers, activists, and concerned individuals have called on the Iranian government to abolish the barbaric and violent practice of stoning, which sadly to this day, has not been eradicated. Hope that one day we see an end to this horrific practice of stoning forever.

Help eradicate hate and anger from your souls to be able to embrace a better and fairer society. Violence has never been the solution!



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